Rapid cooling mold ,
Stable temperature of mold

Mold cooling Apparatus ‘TFA-CRW’

We prepared a separate pump to the injection side and the suction side in order to efficiently cool the mold. We can control a pressure in the cooling pipe” decompression”, “non- Pressure”, “pressure”, in order to control the amount of suction and discharge rate of the pump independently.You can check the status mold, because there is temperature display of return and discharged prefix from the apparatus.

Characteristics of TFA-CRW

The best feature is cleaning equipment of cooling circulation. Injecting a dust rust in the tank, you can always keep clean and normal situation, even if there are rust in the newly fitted mold. And then, gradually it will be working properl.

You can control the amount of cooling by pump discharge side. And then, you can control pressure in the pipe at the pump suction side. There are times when you do not get much time mold clamping, due to product is a thin, depend on mold. At that time, you can control a separate cooling system, “plunger chip” “shunt child ” ”sleep” by separate suction pump 2.

Concept of T-FA products