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Manufacturing & sales of casting equipments
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T-FA Co.Ltd. is the specialist who has more than 40 years experience on Casting.Based on wealth of experience , we supply the solition for quality improvement.

T-Fa special coupling for plunger , Die cooling equipment , Die cooling pipe
We can do not only sales for them but also improving molds.
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Die cooling pipe

You want to get a cooling at installation area anyhow.You have a some trouble handling of the pipe.You want to reduce maintenance time.We can support you such as a problem.

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Die cooling equipment

It is capable of supplying all type cooling system stability due to piston pump and inverter control.The cooling medium is made from oil so, there is no hole clogging by treble.

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Coupling system

This coupling shall be transmitted with little loss of injection pressure to plunger tip.
Regardless of the model year and model, you can attach all of the machines up to 50t~4000t.

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Embedded spray nozzle

It can not cope with automatic spray, embedded spray system for slide core back .
Features, after coating release agent, a spray nozzle is transformed into an air blow nozzle.

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